Are you a licensed company?
Yes, our company is registered and licensed by the state of Ohio, and our employees are either trained service technicians or are licensed by the Dept. of Agriculture and continual training is done throughout the year.
Do you use dry or liquid fertilizers?
We use only dry granular fertilizers to promote a strong root system. Our fertilizers are time released to feed your lawn naturally over the course of 4-6 weeks.

In addition to the dry fertilizers we use liquid weed controls as a low pressure, low volume spray. This is the most effective way of controlling weeds. This second trip across your lawn also helps us to spot potential problems that may be developing on your lawn.

How long does it take before I see results after the first application?
Weeds will begin to die, and color will begin to improve within 7-10 days after an application, and color will be maintained because of the slow release fertilizers we use.
How low or high should I cut my lawn?
For optimum results with your lawn, 3-4 inches in the summer and 2-1/2 to 3 inches in the Spring and Fall seasons. By mowing your lawn at a high setting you shade the soil which preserves water during dry periods. This also shades seeds of weeds and crabgrass and helps prevent the crabgrass prevention barrier from being broken down.
How much and how often should I water my lawn?
Watering is an individual choice. Turfgrass in our area naturally go dormant during the hot summer months. If you choose to water, start watering BEFORE the lawn begins to show signs of drought stress and continue to water throughout the season. Depending on weather conditions lawns need between 1 to 1 1/2 inches of water per week. The best way to accomplish this is to water early in the morning 2 to 3 times per week.

If you choose not to water, the lawn will go dormant and will bounce back after the rains return. It is important to continue to fertilize, and We will continue to fertilize as usual. What does this mean? Well, when the lawn does begin to grow again the nutrients will be there for the grass plants to take advantage of. It is also important that we keep an eye on the lawn. Often times insect or disease problems can be mistaken for drought stress. We’ll be there to keep this possibility to a minimum.

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