Yes, we are a lawn service, the problem is there are not really that many lawn issues to discuss on a weekly basis. Here is another Landscape pest imported accidentally from Asia. The Viburnum leaf beetle (VLB) Adults are active and feeding on a variety of different Viburnum species now.

In spring when the Viburnums begin to leaf out the eggs of the VLB hatch. They skeletonize the leaves (just like Japanese beetles do). They eat their fill and drop off the plants into the mulch or leaf duff and pupate into adults. In the meantime, the Viburnum plants must use energy to send out new leaves weakening the plant. About this time, the Adults emerge and cause the same kind of damage yet again! This further stresses the plants. After a couple of years of damage, the plants just give up, having used up all the reserved energy they had.

The good news is, once the beetles have been controlled we have found that they do not tend to revisit the plants in successive years. If you see VLB on any of your viburnums, get them controlled. Give us a call or treat them yourself with Sevin or another good insecticide labeled for beetles. ALWAYS read and follow label instructions!