With the recent stretch of very hot and quite dry weather we have been having we thought we would share some insights on watering.

First, watering the lawn is a personal choice. the grass varieties in Northeast Ohio are cool season and naturally go dormant during the heat of summer, doing most of their growth in the cool spring and fall months. That said, if you haven’t started watering, it is probably best to let the lawn go dormant as watering will not likely bring it back to the lush green of spring.

Dos and don’ts: Do water once or twice a week,a lawn needs 1-2 inches of water per week. a good method is to place a tuna can in the lawn as a gauge to know when you’ve provided enough water. Do water in the morning. it is less likely to evaporate and will have a better chance of soaking in before the heat of the day. Don’t water at night! watering at night can promote significant disease issues like dollar spot, read thread or even worse Pythium.

If you choose to water, be consistent and water regularly, otherwise let the grass go dormant, it will recover when the weather cools off and regular rains return.