It’s Japanese beetle season! Here’s what to expect. When treated, the beetles there are killed. Once treatment dries the beetle must eat a bit of the plant before being killed. Treatment also works to some extent as a deterrent. SO! There will always be SOME damage from beetles. They just cannot be stopped completely.

Japanese beetle traps only attract more than they can catch, so please do not use them. If you must, follow the directions and DO NOT hang it in the tree you’re trying to protect. That defeats the purpose!!

The damage Japanese beetles do is ONLY cosmetic. And even though the tree may look bad it will recover. Beetles have never killed a tree outright!

Beetles also lay eggs in your lawn that can become grubs and do damage in the fall (another reason NOT to use beetle traps). Our grub prevention will prevent grub damage to your lawn and our Tree & Shrub guy can treat the beetles if needed!

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