Protect your perimeter from pesky pests!

Perimeter Pest Control

Perimeter pest controls are designed to help prevent insects and other nuisance pests from entering your home. Our technician applies environmentally responsible, non staining, control products to the foundation and surrounding ground, as well as around the frames of basement windows for long lasting protection from these nuisance pests.

Our applications are spaced throughout the prime pest season to help keep your home as free from pests as possible. While we cannot guarantee total control, or control pests that may already be established in your home, we can effectively reduce the number of pests entering your home. In some cases (such as hornets under siding) an exterminator may be necessary. We will do our best to be upfront and honest with you.

Spring Barrier Application

Initial treatment to help prevent ants, pillbugs and other early pests from entering your home after Spring rains.

Early Summer Barrier Treatment

This targets fleas, ground beetles, as well as ants and other Summer pests.

Mid Summer Barrier Application

Targets ants in the surrounding soil, spiders, crickets and a number of insects that mature in mid Summer.

Late Summer Barrier Treatment

Controls many insects. This treatment will also help reduce the number of insects and other pests from entering before cold weather begins.