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Ornamental Care


After working in the “Green” industry for more than ten years and managing the Tree and Shrub division for one of the largest companies, I know what it takes to give you the best landscape possible.

I use a common sense approach to your landscape and apply controls only where needed. Not only is this the Law but also better for the environment and your plants. This is why not every plant gets treated every time.

I carry a variety of products geared to minimize the problems on your landscape. You can count on me to use the best product available and the right amounts.

Communication is the key to any successful endeavor and I want to hear from you if you have any concerns about your landscape. Thank you for considering our service. I look forward to working with and for you.

Our Guarantee

If you are on our full service program, we will come back to take care of any problems for no extra cost. There are certain pest problems and environmental factors that are out of our control and cannot be guaranteed. We always do our best to care for your landscape as if it were our own.We do limit our spray treatments to plants less than 20 feet. Micro Injection is available for larger trees.

Your Tree and Shrub Care Program

First Treatment

Dormant Oil Insect Control

Our first treatment of the season, this selective application helps control insects and their eggs that overwintered on your ornamentals. Insects controlled include Adelgids, Scale, and Mites. A must for Evergreens, Euonymus, Azaleas, Rhodies, and Hollies.

Second Treatment

Spring Insect and Disease Control

Our second treatment will minimize the damage caused by Leaf Miners, Scale, Apple Scab, Aphids, Sawfly larvae and other Spring pests. Essential for Crab Apples, Birch, Holly, and most plants in your landscape.

Third Treatment

Summer Insect and Disease Control

This treatment is designed to minimize damage caused by Weevils, Scale, Japanese Beetles and Summer Blights. Very Important for a wide variety of plants in your landscape.

Fourth Treatment

Fall Insect and Disease Control

Our Fall treatment targets Mites, Weevils, Rust, and Powdery Mildew. Plants most affected include Burning Bushes, Hawthorn, Lilac and many others.

Fifth Treatment

All Deep Root Fertilization

This is the most important treatment of the season. Our soil injected Fall fertilizer is designed to build a strong, healthy root system. Research has shown that the majority of root growth takes place after the plant goes dormant for the winter. Other companies will try to sell you Spring Fertilization. This only encourages too much top growth and creates a need for Summer pruning. Experts agree that one Fall feeding is all your plants require for good health and color. Fertilization of your larger trees is recommended and available at an additional cost.

Optional Services

We use proper pruning techniques to help maintain your landscape's health and beauty. We have a 20 foot limit on the height of the trees. One less task you will have to do.

The best way to provide treatment for certain “hard to control” pests like Borers and Bark Beetles. Call for more information.

This is a must to help your evergreens get through the Winter. We apply a clear film that will help prevent moisture loss caused by wind and salt mist. This application is done at the same time as your Fall deep root feeding.

Environmentally friendly controls are applied to the foundation, and around doors and basement windows to greatly reduce invasion into your home by nuisance pests such as ants, spiders, centipedes, and roaches.

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Designed to MINIMIZE weeds in your flower beds. We use a combination of pre and post emergence herbicides to greatly reduce the amount of weeding and maintenance you’ll have to do in your flower and landscape beds.

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