A Professionally Maintained Landscape Grows In Value!

Dry Fertilization Specialists

We appreciate your landscape investment. Your lawn reflects the image you present to the community. As a customer of Meehan's Lawn Service, your lawn also reflects the quality of our workmanship. We take great pride in producing the best results for our customers.

A good nutrition program is the basis for beautiful and healthy turf. We use only the highest quality balanced slow release fertilizers to produce consistent turf color and vigor, without the problems caused by surge growth. We also use only the highest quality, low volume, liquid weed controls, because they work best to control weeds.

As part of our applications techniques, we use specially equipped walk behind spreaders along walkways, to help keep them clean.

Meehan's Lawn Service combines the highest quality products with the best personnel and service—at competitive prices—to provide you with the best value in landscape care.

Our Products

  • The same products used on professional golf courses.
  • Slow release nitrogen for even greening and mowing.
  • Balanced feedings - we use more than just nitrogen.
  • Controls applied “as needed” as conditions change.
  • We use the best available even though it costs more.

Optional Services

Take the worry and guessing about having grubs damage your lawn with our grub prevention service. We use Merit (Grub X) which is the most predictable and safest product to use to control grubs. When you sign up for our grub prevention application you also get our guarantee that you will not have a grub problem or we will repair any damage caused by grubs for FREE. We highly recommend this application for everyone. You never know when grubs will decide to invade your lawn, and by taking advantage of this service you get the added benefit of protection against MOST other turf damaging insects, like chinchbugs and Billbugs.

Here is the lifecycle of the Japanese beetle. This is the most common grub that damages home lawns. You will notice that the grubs are closest to the soil surface in late August through October. This is when the bulk of damage to the grass occurs. Take the guesswork out of grub damage.

Is your lawn getting old or does it just need a good boost? Our lawn renovation program includes the benefits of dethatching and over seeding while saving you hundreds of dollars on replacing your lawn. Consult your salesperson to see if this may help you.

The need for core aeration varies from lawn to lawn. Some lawns will need it done twice per year, others only every other year. When we feel that you need this done, we will leave you information and even tell you why it needs done. We believe in doing the job right even if it costs us more. This is why we use the best equipment available.

The keys to a good core aeration are the depth of the plugs and the number of holes per square foot. Our machines will go in about 2-3 inches deep and make 9-12 holes per square foot. (The "every lawn for $30" guys don't come close to these numbers.) You can count on us to do the best job and not leave a big mess.

Unlike the trends other companies are following, I don't believe that every lawn needs lime every year. There are a few exceptions to this rule but generally your lawn only needs lime every 2-3 years if you apply it at the right rate. We use over 30 lbs. of lime per 1,000 square foot. I've heard other companies applying as little as 3 lbs. per 1,000 square foot. Again, if we feel that you should have lime put on, we will leave you the information and let you know why.